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Our Customers

  • Roxy


    Newly adopted from Bassett Hound Rescue is this gorgeous girl. She brings back old customers Lisa and her son, Mason. Roxy has no idea yet, how lucky she is.

  • Lola


    Here are some pictures of Lola. Before we found Whiskers and Paws we went through every kind of dog food-she's very picky.

  • Disco


    Someone LOVES his new awesome bed!! Licks and nuzzles.

  • Lighting and Ghost

    Lighting and Ghost

    You helped me take such good care of Lighting and Ghost and now our new addition Black Knight and Koda.

  • Karen


    I have had Whiskers and Paws deliver my dog food to my door for years. The food is better for my dogs nutritionally than anything I have found at a retail store. It compares in price to premium dog food.

  • Boo


    Poodle Rescue told us she was a picky eater and I said - it would be my first one. What a surprise - she's a little pig. She just didn't like the food they were feeding her.

  • Bodi


    Bodi showing off for the ladies at Dog Beach.

  • Dingo II, Betty, Ricky and Sarah

    Dingo II, Betty, Ricky and Sarah

    Thought you guys would appreciate this picture of the ``hounds`` eagerly waiting their Whiskers and Paws!!

  • Pilar


    Wanted to share the news (and a picture) of our family. Rod and I got married on 10.10.10 in southern Illinois on my aunt's sheep farm (established in 1864). We had a photo shoot on Monday and included our dogs since they are what brought us together 2 years ago.

  • Sherlock and Watson

    Sherlock and Watson

    Sherlock and Watson are on their best behavior awaiting their first delivery of food.

  • Maxi


    Thank you for my special package with all my treats and my favorite... Santa! Wow, I love to make him sqeak as I am running around my garden...Mum thought you might like this photo of me and my Santa. Happy New Year!

  • Diesel and Tank

    Diesel and Tank

    Two very satisfied brothers who just ate W & P food.